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Mental health affects us all. Whether it's personal or through family members, friends, colleagues or classmates – yet seldom do people talk about it. So here we are. Raising mental health awareness, whilst doing what we love.

Drum and Bass is more than just a music genre. Drum and Bass is a lifestyle and a culture. DnBeveryday was founded on the principle of using music to bring people together and spread love. DnBeveryday's major goal is to raise mental health awareness and to start educating our community immediately, as the world is now facing one of the largest ever mental health pandemics due to COVID-19. DnBeveryday is a charitable movement working very closely with charities like The Samaritans & Young Minds Trust as they provide mental health support to anyone in need. Please help us with our mental health awareness campaign, trying to minimise suicide during these hard times. We also work closely with Help Musicians UK as they not only provide a mental health helpline, but also financial support to thousands of musicians across the UK, who currently are facing financial crisis not being allowed to play their events. We chose this charity as music our passion and we know it is healing for the mind.

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Self-Help Guide

We all should find space in our busy lifestyles to focus on ourselves. DnBeveryday has made this Self-Help Guide giving advice on how to live a healthier, happier life. The guide is made up of 7 essential pillars that if followed, ensure better both mental and physical well being.


Drug Harm Reduction Guide

Drug awareness and drug safety are extremely important. Drugs are a huge issue at all music events across the world. There are increasing cases worldwide of teenagers taking drugs for the first time without knowing the basic effects and risks of what they've taken. The guide aims to raise drug awareness, exploring there risks and effects, as well as give safety advice to those who have already chosen to use/plan on using.

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